Yes, it has become a triennial post

Why? Because about every 3 years I’m determined to save some money, and switch hosting providers. They all love to give you a 3-year deal on website hosting. Only $40…50…60 for 3 years. But at the end of those 3 years, they all want about $100+ per year. No thanks. So since I like keeping my own website up, and my own personalized email, I switch every few years. At least not I’ve found a provider that is cheap enough on renewal, and rated highly enough, that I’ll probably keep them instead of going through the 2-3 hours process of moving my websites.

So there it is…another triennial post.

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Has this become a triennial post?

How sad is it that I have my own domain, our own page, and it hasn’t been updated since 2011, which was a year after it was updated in 2010. I guess we’re working on an exponential curve here…that would mean the next post will be in 9 years (all you math geniuses out there can figure that one out quickly).

So what prompts this post? How about…we’re moving AGAIN! Lol. We’re staying in Fremont, but moving a few miles away. We’ll be blocks away from Annalise’s school (she’s just finishing her Kindergarten year) and that will make Andrea’s mornings more of a straight line from house to her school to Tommy’s school and back, rather than the triangle she deals with today. Of course, this all comes at a little expense to me. My drive to work just became at least 4 miles longer each way, and doubtful that any of that will be helped by new routing since those 4 miles will all be surface streets. Ugh.

I could laundry list 3 years of events here, but we’ll stick with the latest and greatest for now. I started road cycling in 2012, and just finished my first century ride yesterday – the Primavera here in Fremont. Tommy is finishing 3rd grade in June, has been enjoying Lego “classes” and now Wizbots at school. Annalise has just started softball and is still dancing. Both of them love video games. Speaking of school, I’ve gone back. This Spring I started the Evening MBA program at Santa Clara University’s Leavey School of Business. And since we’re recapping on years worth of changes, I’m no longer at the consulting company I was with; I now work as an IT Project Manager at Ross Stores. Their corporate HQ in Dublin, CA is just over the hill from where we live.

That’s all for now. Maybe we’ll entire you with some pictures, or you can connect with us on Facebook for those too.

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Annual Blog Post – 2011

We didn’t intend for blog updates becoming an annual occurrence, but look at that! Nearly a year to the day.

We’ve lived in Fremont for the aforementioned year now. In that time we’ve explored our little corner of the Bay, made several tourist trips to San Francisco and managed a few beach excursions. With so many new things to see and do it almost feels like an extended stay-cation. With work. And homework. And laundry. Rather, it feels like home, and it’s good to be settled.

Tommy is one week away from First Grade. He is missing one of his front teeth and there aren’t enough hours in the day for him to create all the Lego masterpieces he has buzzing around in his brain.

Annalise begins preschool this fall. She’s already a whiz with scissors and a gluestick. She loves drawing, dancing and dressing her stuffed animals in all kinds of crazy outfits.

James still works with a local client, whose office is not terribly far from our home. He’s recently rekindled his love for photography, which just might benefit this blog.

I signed on as the leader for Tommy’s Tiger Cub Scout den. For a girl who hasn’t been camping in a decade, it should be quite the adventure! On the home front, I’ve become obsessed with more interested in sewing and quilting, making little dresses for Annalise and beginning a quilting project based on The Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt, (many thanks to Peggy). This one will take me a while — perhaps a generation — to complete. I see it as a challenge to slow down, stop rushing, and do something well.

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We’ve moved…again

The way our blog looks during the past year I think you’ve heard this song before. We never intended for our stay in Portland to be short, but we went into it seeing what could be and what would happen. After 10 years selling real estate I knew that I didn’t want to spend another decade doing it, even if things were going pretty well in Portland. After months of waiting following my application, a whirlwind of interviews in March led me to accepting a job with a global IT/business consulting company, Accenture, and moving at the end of April to San Jose, CA. After several weeks of training and finally gaining Andrea’s acceptance to move here, our family is together and just moved into a house in Fremont, CA, in the East Bay about 15 miles north of San Jose and 35 miles south of San Francisco.

I hope we can post some pictures soon of the journey…I definitely have some and I know Andrea has many more. Thank you to our friends on both ends who helped us load and unload the truck. It all worked out and at least the inside of the house is coming together although we still have a garage full of boxes.

7 years and 364 days ago Andrea and I were married in Las Vegas. Last night we celebrated with a great Thai dinner in San Francisco followed by seeing Wicked. Dinner was rushed  complimentary of Bay Area traffic adding an extra 30 minutes to the drive, but we stuff ourselves with chicken Pad Thai, beef pumpkin curry and other treats before rushing off to see the show. The parking gods smiled upon us and we made it into the show in plenty of time. The kids were good for our babysitter, and so another great anniversary outing is complete. Tomorrow night on our anniversary day I’m sure we’ll crack open a great bottle of wine to go with whatever wonderful food we decide to whip up. Maybe a good barbeque roast should be on this menu.  Yummm…

Tommy starts school in just a week, and we got him enrolled here in soccer too so he gets to play each week with his friends. It’s not competitive at this point, but still lots of fun. Annalise is itching for dance classes, so we’re exploring our options and trying to find the right place for her.

I promise I’ll write more soon and include some pictures next time!

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Long Time No See

It has been ages since I sat down to write a blog post. Why bother when it’s so easy to upload photos to Facebook? Who has time amid the hustle and bustle of uprooting a family? How can I put on a happy face and write about good times when it seems like they are few and far between? That last one seems pretty negative, but I have had my fair share of Debbie Downer days. Nevertheless, I have MANY excuses. But this morning I looked at the old blog posts. The ones with so many cute anecdotes and adorable pictures of my adorable children. The ones that captured amazing moments for our family. The ones that were just plain, everyday ramblings. If I can spend ten minutes checking the blogs of friends (and ten minutes is being more than conservative!), surely I can rattle off a few musings about our joys and sorrows. So, I’ll do a quick recap of the past SIX (6!!!) months, then I’ll try to do my best to update on a regular basis from here on out.

August: After careful consideration over the summer, we decided to move our family to Portland. August was spent packing and preparing to downsize, playing with friends and saying goodbye to Las Vegas. It was our home for over nine years, so it was a bit tough to leave, but we got to spend one last HOT summer there.

September: Time for the big move! We loaded up TWO enormous U-Haul trucks (James will have to post about THAT circus) and our minivan to make the long drive to Reno, through the Mt. Shasta area and up I-5 to our new home: Grandma Thompson’s old house in Northeast Portland. My cousin, John, flew down from Portland to help. Along with Derick and our friend Jake F. we loaded the trucks and hit the road only eight hours later than we expected. James drove in the lead with Tommy riding shotgun, I followed right behind him with Annalise and our betta fish, Rhino, by my side, and John followed in our Odyssey minivan (isn’t that every 19-year-old’s dream car?) with our dog, Kaya, along for the ride. Leaving later than we planned left us too tired to make it all the way to our reserved hotel room in Reno, so we slept in the trucks at a rest area. Only less comfortable than it was classy, trust me. We finally arrived in Portland around 3:00am Saturday, September 5. In true Portland form, it was POURING down rain. We pried out the air mattress and sleeping bags then the four of us huddled and cuddled until morning on the floor of our new home. The rest of the weekend we unloaded, unpacked and got settled as best we could. This home is very cozy (approximately 1100 sq. ft. on the main level) and quite a change from our big ol’ house in Las Vegas (3500 sq. ft.). But it was great to have a place to land, especially one so familiar to me. Tommy started school the week after we arrived. James studied for and obtained his Oregon Real Estate license. He started working for a group in the Clackamas area shortly thereafter.

October: Our nephew, Jaxon, arrived October 12 in Redondo Beach, CA and his birth gave us our first true taste of how hard it would be to live so far from the Wedewer side. The boxes slowly but surely disappeared from the main level of our new home, and even though the basement and garage were full to the brim, James managed to carve out room for his home office downstairs. Tommy adjusted very well to his new class and made many new friends, as well as enjoyed getting to know our friends’ children better. We discovered the joy of having a huge yard with huge trees. The sycamore in our front yard brought dozens of squirrels into view each day, and thousands of leaves gradually fell on the lawn. We worked in the yard and gave the home’s only bathroom a fresh coat of paint. We shuffled items in the garage and found a ton of old canning supplies of Grandma’s, which I hope to put to good use in a climate ripe for gardening. We found a great church to call home, St. Joseph the Worker Catholic Church, in Southeast Portland. October 29 Annalise turned two years old. How did THAT happen so fast? Halloween was fun for Cinderella and the Pirate, with a party at school, a party at Henry’s house and trick-or-treating up and down our block.

November: We rounded out Halloween weekend with Annalise’s 2nd birthday party on the first of the month. Family and good friends joined us on a gorgeous autumn day to celebrate. If the weather hadn’t been fantastic I don’t know how we would have managed all the guests who came, but our prayers were answered and the sun shone warmly that day. Honored guests included Great Grandma Roser, Grandpa Rick and Grandma Renee, along with Aunt Cynthia, Aunt Denise & Uncle Joe. We enjoyed a “tea party” of sorts and had all the cake and Capri Suns we could handle. James bought Annalise some pretty pink roses and we decorated with balloons around the house and yard. Grandma’s Franciscan Desert Rose dishes framed the party hinting toward a garden tea of pink and green…at least that’s what I was going for.

November 8 was a sad day for the Thompsons, as Grandma Lucille passed away peacefully that morning. She lived 96 good years and I am *SO* glad we got to spend her last two months near her in Portland. She was a great lady and I miss her every day. Living in her old home has been bittersweet. Mostly, it’s been a great comfort to look around and remember her. Sometimes it’s tough because I can’t be in the kitchen without thinking of all the meals she made for us over the years, or in the living room without hearing the drone of the evening news she watched religiously. But the morning I received the call about her passing, I was overwhelmed with sadness, but all I heard were the giggles of her great grandchildren, playing happily on the floor. She would’ve loved that.

Thanksgiving was a great celebration this year…not a lot of pressure to cook a feast, as we enjoyed the big meal with my mom’s side of the family at Aunt Denise & Uncle Joe’s house, but I made a turkey anyway so we’d have lots of leftovers. It was our first big holiday away from Las Vegas, and it was hard to be away from James’ side of the family, but we enjoyed forming new traditions with our kids and it was so nice to spend the holiday in Portland for the first time in ten years.

December: Oh, the holidays! Decking the halls in a new home is always and adventure, as one can never be sure what will fit where, and how much is too much. How we’ve amassed 12 enormous bins of Christmas decor in only 7.5 years of marriage I do not know! We opted for a fresh Christmas tree, our first, which we purchased at a lot near our house and perched on top of our dining room table for lack of any other floor space. What’s funny is from the street it looked like we had a HUGE tree in the window. We decorated only with our favorite ornaments and enjoyed the fragrance of a real tree (I sneezed my way through the month, but its charm more than made up for it). Aunt Michele came down from Juneau and stayed with us over the holidays. Tommy’s acting debut came on Christmas Eve, as he joined his Sunday School classmates in our parish’s Nativity Mass. He was the cutest little lamb ever. We spent Christmas Eve at Aunt Cynthia’s and Christmas Day we made a ham at home, joined by Grandpa Rick, Grandma Peggy and Aunt Michele. James and I busied ourselves in the days leading up to Christmas and we cleared out major space in the basement for the kids to have a play room. They loved that “Santa” had given them so much square footage in which to play on rainy days. Santa, my butt!

January: Together we cut snowflakes from paper and hung them in the living room window. Tommy loves “scissoring” things and thank goodness paper is his favorite medium. Annalise started taking a group class through Portland Parks & Recreation and she loves to go to her “dancing class” each week. Tommy started a soccer class through the same agency, but with only four students enrolled they had to discontinue the session after two weeks. He was bummed. The kids spent a weekend at Grandpa Rick’s farm and played in the garden with Grandma Peggy. Tommy helped feed the chickens and collect their eggs, but he didn’t care for the big turkeys chasing him around the yard. Kaya’s health is waning, but her discomfort seems to come and go. One minute she’s a creaky old lady that can barely stand up, the next she’s spry as a puppy bounding through the yard after squirrels and the invading neighborhood cats.

So, that’s as brief as I can get to summarize the past six months. Looking back, I guess we were pretty busy! Now, back to documenting the everyday joys and adventures. I’ve missed that.

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We’ve Moved!

Well, I don’t get to post on our blog very often. In fact the system says I’ve only posted once on our family blog…ever. For those that don’t already know through Facebook or otherwise, we recently moved to Portland, Oregon! After nine years in Las Vegas, we decided it was time to move somewhere else for a different set of opportunities and a different environment for our kids…and I’m not necessarily referring to the major difference in weather.

I’m sure we’ll have updates on here soon with lots of pictures from more recent events. The kids have enjoyed trips to OMSI and the zoo, a couple pumpkin patch visits, and Annalise is now two years old! How time flies.

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Summer 2009

This summer has been far from boring for the Wedewers…

In June we celebrated my 31st birthday at Disneyland. Joined by Aunt Cindy, Aunt Michele, Uncle Derick and his girlfriend, Cintia, it was one of the best days of my life.

Family snapshot.

Then onto Bozeman for July 4th and a wonderful visit with Grandma Norma & Papa Rick. 

Nice little cove for a lunch stop. 

Over to Mt. St. Helen’s to visit Grandpa Rick & Grandma Peggy.

Wish you were here, Daddy!

Then a nice, long stay at Aunt Denise and Uncle Joe’s in Portland.

They love having their picture taken.

Many, many pictures below if you are interested in looking at all our vacation photos. Better than being trapped watching a slideshow, right? I’ve also added pics taken way back in, oh, April. I have to apologize for the lack of updates… mostly to my kids, as this is for their benefit more than anything. It’s just that we’ve led such exciting lives in the past few months I’ve found it difficult to carve out proper blog writing time. Ha ha. Not really… your mom’s just a slacker. Love to you all and happy summer.

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July 2009 – Portland Road Trip

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July 2009 – Bozeman Road Trip

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June 2009

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