“I was (almost) sittin’ here thinking…”

Tommy is making some progess in the realm of sitting up! Seconds before the flash of the camera fired, he was perfectly balanced in the full, upright position. But as luck would have it, the Tommy tower toppled as soon as I got the camera ready. I’m amazed that he sometimes puts his arms out to catch his fall, though he’s done his fair share of faceplants onto his blankie!

Our little man will hit the 5 month mark this Monday and today he weighed in one ounce shy of 17 lbs. He seems much bigger than friends his same age, but most of his baby friends are girls (what a ladies’ man already!) He is a very happy baby and is very active wiggling and getting lots of exercise.

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  1. Mommy-to-be says:

    I can’t believe how bit Tommy is getting! He isn’t a baby anymore, he is a little boy! Gosh I wish I could see him more often!!! Big kisses from your Auntie Jess!!!

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