Today Tommy learned how to blow raspberries. He discovered this new noise this morning and happily buzzed “thhpppttppp” all day long. Why did we think this would stop when we attended mass this afternoon? Seated only five rows from the altar, Tommy delighted himself with his newfound talent during the service. He buzzed his way through the first few minutes of the liturgy, then Daddy took him to the back of the church before all of the surrounding pews burst into laughter, but it was a close call!

It appears St. Elizabeth’s is the place he likes to make the most noise in public. Exhibit A: his baptism. Screamfest! And we can’t forget when he tooted multiple times (quite loudly!) in front of Father Kevin. Having your child pass gas in front of a priest really makes a mom want to crawl under a rock. I guess Tommy just wants to be certain God knows he’s at church!

Embarrassing moments aside, watching him grow and learn to do new things fills my heart with so much pride and love. And even the embarrassing moments create such wonderful memories! He seems to jump a new hurdle every time I blink and I feel so blessed that James and I get to witness his “baby steps” each day.

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