Baby Bat’s First Halloween

Today Tommy (aka “Baby Bat”) hosted his first party. And what fun it was for all of us! We had a full house with 14 babies from his play group and their parents, neighbors, friends and family. He had a great time spooking his baby friends with his costume…and they dressed to impress, too! A pumpkin was the most popular costume for the drooling set, but we also had a spider, a ladybug, an elephant, a “pea-in-a-pod”, a giraffe and a surfer girl. All were precious as can be!
Here’s a shot of Tommy in action blowing a raspberry. Who knew bats could make this funny sound?
And finally, a family photo including our tortured dog, Kaya. She tolerated the witch hat and cape long enough for this photo op, but she’s really not one for costumes.

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  1. Mommy-to-be says:

    You guys are the cutest family ever! And now I’m not the only one who tortures thier pets! Glad the parties were a hit! Love the little BatBoy!

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