Tommy’s Gym Class

After several months, Tommy’s grown a little tired of his soccer class, so we’re trying something new: gym class! (He’s my little BOY, so I just can’t bring myself to say he’s in gymnastics…what’s next? A leotard? But whatever I want to call it, they wear themselves out!)

Anyhow, he joined the Desert Gymcats with several of his buddies and they have a ton of fun bouncing, jumping, climbing and playing. He likes the balance beam and trampoline best so far and we’re trying to convince him to hang like a monkey from either the rings or the bars…he’ll get around to it when he’s ready.

Climbing the “firemen’s ladder” to swing from the parallel bars. His teacher, Ms. Trish, helps a friend ascend while Tommy’s right on his tail (in the red shirt): Teeter-tottering with his buddy, CJ:Lots of climbing! He loves to go up and down, over and under, here and there…all over the place!A video of Tommy on the trampoline:

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