34 Weeks

Six weeks (or less!) to go…

At this week’s OB appointment her heart rate was 159 bpm and my belly is measuring a little big at 35cm (average would be 34cm, or 1cm per week of pregnancy). Dr. Rojas determined she has turned to the head-down position, which was a relief to hear. He also told us he doesn’t think I’ll make it to 40 weeks based on the fact that this is my second pregnancy. Apparently second-time moms tend to deliver around 39 weeks, so we may have a spooky Halloween baby on our hands!
Here’s a shot of Tommy admiring Baby Sister. He really wants to feel her kick! It seems like every time I tell him he it’s time to feel her moving, she quiets down the second he touches my belly. Fortunately, Tommy’s being much more gentle with me lately. I think he finally understands that Mommy’s belly is getting so big because that’s where Baby Sister is growing. Anyone who’s met Tommy knows how much he likes to roughhouse, so this is a big step for him. Hopefully this translates into a gentle Big Brother, too.
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