Bowling Party

Strikes & Turkeys? More like Bumper Bowling and an occasional lucky Spare when three-year-olds are rolling the ball. Our neighbor, Mason, celebrated his third birthday at Red Rock Lanes near our house and much fun ensued.

Tommy really gets into his Cheetos. I think he ate an entire bowl in lieu of the tasty pizza. (Sorry ’bout the “see-food!)

Cheetos, anyone?

Daddy & Annalise look on. She looks grumpy in this pic, but she didn’t mind all the noise of the bowling alley and even snoozed in her stroller for a short time.

Daddy & Annalise at Red Rock Lanes

A sweet smile from a sweet boy who just ate some sweets.

Cake makes Tommy happy

Our only shot of the birthday boy. Mason’s the guy with the cake beard. He had a blast and so did we!

Birthday Boy, Mason, and Tommy after some cake

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