Portland – 10.2008

Here are some pics from our trip to Portland in early October. We were all over the place! We stayed with Aunt Donna & Uncle Gary. Went to Bradi & Josh’s rehearsal dinner and wedding. Got to see Great Grandma Lucille. Had a fun visit to OMSI with Jess, Henry, Sarah & Kelton. The kids went to Grandpa Rick’s farm for a night so James & I could attend the wedding. We also had a nice visit with Grandma Renee, Great Grandma Rosemary, Aunt Denise & Uncle Joe. And we rounded out the trip with a nice lunch at Izzy’s Pizza, which was a huge hit with Tommy & Annalise.

I’ll add captions as time allows, but seeing as it’s taken me a month to post this much it might not be right away!

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