Annalise at 15 months

Annalise is now 15 months old. We just celebrated her birthday, right? The past few months truly are a blur. Today we visited Dr. Blank for her well-baby check up. Here she is in all her cuteness.

She is growing and changing so much every day. She is 31.5″ tall (75-90%), 23 lbs. 10 oz. (50-75%) and her head circumference is 46 cm (50%). She has grown into 24m/2T tops and dresses. The waist of 18M pants are still quite loose, but the length of her jeans and cords seem to get shorter with every wear. Her size 6 shoe collection is growing…I really hope she stays this size until the weather turns warm.

She does care much for being cold and she was a pretty upset when I set her on the exam table. If you think she’s mad here, you should’ve seen her when the doctor looked in her mouth. I dread her upcoming dentist’s appointment like you wouldn’t believe.

She learned a new trick today, too. She can now climb onto the kitchen chairs and sat at the table “big girl” style for cereal club. I’m proud of her…until I find her ON the table instead of seated in the chair. 😉

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