Beauty Shop

Every evening the kids take their bath following dinner. After we get them pajama’ed up, they follow me to my room where I begin my own way-before-bed ritual by washing off my make up and getting into my most comfortable couch potato wear (yes, I’m usually in pajamas no later than 7pm…what’s the problem?).

Nightly they explore each dresser drawer, overturn several stack of books and upend every hanger on the low poles in my closet…all in the time it takes me to remove mascara. But tonight they stumbled across a major distraction: velcro rollers. Not only did they have fun putting them in each other’s hair, but Tommy showed Annalise how to properly nest them according to size and color. He also managed to show her how well they pick up dog hair off Kaya’s favorite bath rug. With the help of the rollers and these three activities, I think I just might be able to begin my nighttime routine a bit more peacefully. Now let’s just hope they don’t figure out how to reach my makeup brushes any time soon, as “clown blush” is surely Beauty Shop Lesson #2…

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