Summer 2009

This summer has been far from boring for the Wedewers…

In June we celebrated my 31st birthday at Disneyland. Joined by Aunt Cindy, Aunt Michele, Uncle Derick and his girlfriend, Cintia, it was one of the best days of my life.

Family snapshot.

Then onto Bozeman for July 4th and a wonderful visit with Grandma Norma & Papa Rick. 

Nice little cove for a lunch stop. 

Over to Mt. St. Helen’s to visit Grandpa Rick & Grandma Peggy.

Wish you were here, Daddy!

Then a nice, long stay at Aunt Denise and Uncle Joe’s in Portland.

They love having their picture taken.

Many, many pictures below if you are interested in looking at all our vacation photos. Better than being trapped watching a slideshow, right? I’ve also added pics taken way back in, oh, April. I have to apologize for the lack of updates… mostly to my kids, as this is for their benefit more than anything. It’s just that we’ve led such exciting lives in the past few months I’ve found it difficult to carve out proper blog writing time. Ha ha. Not really… your mom’s just a slacker. Love to you all and happy summer.

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