We’ve moved…again

The way our blog looks during the past year I think you’ve heard this song before. We never intended for our stay in Portland to be short, but we went into it seeing what could be and what would happen. After 10 years selling real estate I knew that I didn’t want to spend another decade doing it, even if things were going pretty well in Portland. After months of waiting following my application, a whirlwind of interviews in March led me to accepting a job with a global IT/business consulting company, Accenture, and moving at the end of April to San Jose, CA. After several weeks of training and finally gaining Andrea’s acceptance to move here, our family is together and just moved into a house in Fremont, CA, in the East Bay about 15 miles north of San Jose and 35 miles south of San Francisco.

I hope we can post some pictures soon of the journey…I definitely have some and I know Andrea has many more. Thank you to our friends on both ends who helped us load and unload the truck. It all worked out and at least the inside of the house is coming together although we still have a garage full of boxes.

7 years and 364 days ago Andrea and I were married in Las Vegas. Last night we celebrated with a great Thai dinner in San Francisco followed by seeing Wicked. Dinner was rushed  complimentary of Bay Area traffic adding an extra 30 minutes to the drive, but we stuff ourselves with chicken Pad Thai, beef pumpkin curry and other treats before rushing off to see the show. The parking gods smiled upon us and we made it into the show in plenty of time. The kids were good for our babysitter, and so another great anniversary outing is complete. Tomorrow night on our anniversary day I’m sure we’ll crack open a great bottle of wine to go with whatever wonderful food we decide to whip up. Maybe a good barbeque roast should be on this menu.  Yummm…

Tommy starts school in just a week, and we got him enrolled here in soccer too so he gets to play each week with his friends. It’s not competitive at this point, but still lots of fun. Annalise is itching for dance classes, so we’re exploring our options and trying to find the right place for her.

I promise I’ll write more soon and include some pictures next time!

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