Annual Blog Post – 2011

We didn’t intend for blog updates becoming an annual occurrence, but look at that! Nearly a year to the day.

We’ve lived in Fremont for the aforementioned year now. In that time we’ve explored our little corner of the Bay, made several tourist trips to San Francisco and managed a few beach excursions. With so many new things to see and do it almost feels like an extended stay-cation. With work. And homework. And laundry. Rather, it feels like home, and it’s good to be settled.

Tommy is one week away from First Grade. He is missing one of his front teeth and there aren’t enough hours in the day for him to create all the Lego masterpieces he has buzzing around in his brain.

Annalise begins preschool this fall. She’s already a whiz with scissors and a gluestick. She loves drawing, dancing and dressing her stuffed animals in all kinds of crazy outfits.

James still works with a local client, whose office is not terribly far from our home. He’s recently rekindled his love for photography, which just might benefit this blog.

I signed on as the leader for Tommy’s Tiger Cub Scout den. For a girl who hasn’t been camping in a decade, it should be quite the adventure! On the home front, I’ve become obsessed with more interested in sewing and quilting, making little dresses for Annalise and beginning a quilting project based on The Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt, (many thanks to Peggy). This one will take me a while — perhaps a generation — to complete. I see it as a challenge to slow down, stop rushing, and do something well.

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