Has this become a triennial post?

How sad is it that I have my own domain, our own page, and it hasn’t been updated since 2011, which was a year after it was updated in 2010. I guess we’re working on an exponential curve here…that would mean the next post will be in 9 years (all you math geniuses out there can figure that one out quickly).

So what prompts this post? How about…we’re moving AGAIN! Lol. We’re staying in Fremont, but moving a few miles away. We’ll be blocks away from Annalise’s school (she’s just finishing her Kindergarten year) and that will make Andrea’s mornings more of a straight line from house to her school to Tommy’s school and back, rather than the triangle she deals with today. Of course, this all comes at a little expense to me. My drive to work just became at least 4 miles longer each way, and doubtful that any of that will be helped by new routing since those 4 miles will all be surface streets. Ugh.

I could laundry list 3 years of events here, but we’ll stick with the latest and greatest for now. I started road cycling in 2012, and just finished my first century ride yesterday – the Primavera here in Fremont. Tommy is finishing 3rd grade in June, has been enjoying Lego “classes” and now Wizbots at school. Annalise has just started softball and is still dancing. Both of them love video games. Speaking of school, I’ve gone back. This Spring I started the Evening MBA program at Santa Clara University’s Leavey School of Business. And since we’re recapping on years worth of changes, I’m no longer at the consulting company I was with; I now work as an IT Project Manager at Ross Stores. Their corporate HQ in Dublin, CA is just over the hill from where we live.

That’s all for now. Maybe we’ll entire you with some pictures, or you can connect with us on Facebook for those too.

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