May 2009

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Cabo 2009

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Tommy’s Class Picnic

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Easter 2009

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April 2009

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Beauty Shop

Every evening the kids take their bath following dinner. After we get them pajama’ed up, they follow me to my room where I begin my own way-before-bed ritual by washing off my make up and getting into my most comfortable couch potato wear (yes, I’m usually in pajamas no later than 7pm…what’s the problem?).

Nightly they explore each dresser drawer, overturn several stack of books and upend every hanger on the low poles in my closet…all in the time it takes me to remove mascara. But tonight they stumbled across a major distraction: velcro rollers. Not only did they have fun putting them in each other’s hair, but Tommy showed Annalise how to properly nest them according to size and color. He also managed to show her how well they pick up dog hair off Kaya’s favorite bath rug. With the help of the rollers and these three activities, I think I just might be able to begin my nighttime routine a bit more peacefully. Now let’s just hope they don’t figure out how to reach my makeup brushes any time soon, as “clown blush” is surely Beauty Shop Lesson #2…

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March 2009

Another busy month blows past us! We hiked at Red Rock a few times. Visited the Las Vegas Museum of Natural History (taxidermy, anyone?). Tommy & Daddy went to the mini gran prix for some racing. Tommy wore his blue Speed Racer t-shirt EVERY DAY. Annalise visited the dentist for the first time…she screamed like a banshee for the exam and held a grudge until I gave her ice cream later that day.

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February 2009

February went by in a blur. The kids and I took advantage of nicer weather and enjoyed more outside time in the yard and at local parks.

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Annalise at 15 months

Annalise is now 15 months old. We just celebrated her birthday, right? The past few months truly are a blur. Today we visited Dr. Blank for her well-baby check up. Here she is in all her cuteness.

She is growing and changing so much every day. She is 31.5″ tall (75-90%), 23 lbs. 10 oz. (50-75%) and her head circumference is 46 cm (50%). She has grown into 24m/2T tops and dresses. The waist of 18M pants are still quite loose, but the length of her jeans and cords seem to get shorter with every wear. Her size 6 shoe collection is growing…I really hope she stays this size until the weather turns warm.

She does care much for being cold and she was a pretty upset when I set her on the exam table. If you think she’s mad here, you should’ve seen her when the doctor looked in her mouth. I dread her upcoming dentist’s appointment like you wouldn’t believe.

She learned a new trick today, too. She can now climb onto the kitchen chairs and sat at the table “big girl” style for cereal club. I’m proud of her…until I find her ON the table instead of seated in the chair. 😉

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Lied Discovery Children’s Museum

Last week we visited our local children’s museum for some fun with our neighbors, Ryley and Miranda. Tommy still calls is the “mue-zee-EM” and I want to laugh every time he says it.

All four kids had a ton of fun…it’s so great to see how much they’re growing. Tommy really enjoyed exploring the Clifford exhibit, splashing at the water tables and creating a dragon mask in honor of Chinese New Year. Annalise just loved running around touching everything. She got out on the dance floor and twirled while holding a pair of ruby slippers from the dress-up trunk. She also had a great time holding crayons and markers in the art room. It’s amazing to see her becoming a little girl. She’s so active and brave…it’s hard to remember her baby days already!

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