Couch Potatoes

Here the kids relax on the couch. Watching Curious George, probably. Annalise can now climb up and down from the couch, and Tommy is quite happy to have an official cuddle buddy/pillow fight pal.

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Lulu’s Adventures

Annalise is a busy girl around the house. She desperately wants to figure out how to crack the code of the baby gates. Brother is more than happy to help her get past them, as he mastered them quite a while ago. She’s very interested in gaining access to the bathrooms, curious about the toilet paper rolls, climbing the stepstool up to the counter, and, ugh, the toilet. I took my eyes off her for one second and found her moments later standing RIGHT NEXT to her brother while he peed. She was just watching, but eww. Perhaps the early interest will translate into fewer months in diapers?
We enjoyed watching the inauguration together (Tommy was at school) and it was a very special moment for me. What an amazing feeling of hope and promise.
She’s become very intrigued with dress-up, shoes, purses, jewelry…anything girly. She slips her feet into my shoes whenever I leave them lying around (frequently!). She has a blast dragging my old purses around in the closet and throws anything resembling a handbag swiftly over her shoulder to haul around a variety of collected items. She tugs on my necklaces and bracelets until I take them off and let her wear them. Anyone know where to get little girl necklaces that aren’t total choking hazards?
And something I’m very excited to announce…she has enough hair that she can wear psuedo-pigtails! I’m able to gather her little wisps up into teeny tails while the back forms in the cutest ringlets (not a mullet, Uncle D!). I need to figure out a way to get her to hold still for the styling sessions, though. Her best cooperation comes during breakfast…being strapped in her booster seat with cereal in front of her is a great distraction.
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Tommy Back to School

Tommy started his new preschool after Christmas break. Here are a few pics of the kids on his first day. The new school doesn’t require uniforms, which was a pain at first since a uni really takes the guesswork out of clothing selection. But now that I’m used to it, I find it quite nice that he gets to express himself in what he wears. Tommy is becoming more active in his clothing choices, though if it were up to him he’d wear his Speed Racer underpants, “Top Gun” pants (olive green like the flight suits), a “Cars” t-shirt, “Bee” socks (gold and dark navy stripes) and brown play shoes every day. I’ll have to snap a photo of him in the aforementioned getup…it’s quite a hodge-podge. Though I know I shouldn’t complain….I could be battling the child who insists on wearing the superhero costume everywhere.

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Grandpa Tom & Ann-ma got Annalise the coolest pony for Christmas, which has been a big hit with both kids since we put it together. Annalise has gained so much confidence in her climbing abilities with constant mount/dismount practice. She’s even grown so bold as to STAND on the saddle while holding the reins of the pony (courtesy of a few demonstrations by Tommy). I wonder if they’ll have any interest in becoming circus equestrians when they get older?

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Hello 2009

I decided to wait until the Chinese New Year to really ring in 2009…the year got off to a rocky start for us and I found it difficult to put a smile on my face and type a happy, bubbly update. It would have come out “Tommy is climbing up the walls and watching WALL-E for the 873rd time,” and “Why won’t Annalise stop teething/whining already?” Who really wants to hear about that?

One at a time, starting with James. The leader of the pack has been a busy, busy man. He’s been working his tail off in real estate, which is no small feat considering the state of the economy. Prior to the holidays he was studying like mad for the GMAT exam, which he passed in mid-December with a promising score. His first days of ’09 were spent writing application essays for MBA programs at UCLA, USC and Stanford. He’s also working on an app for UC Berkeley. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that he’s accepted into at least one program, but feeling confident as he’s already received an interview request for the Anderson School of Management at UCLA. Hooray! This is a very exciting time for our family, and we’re looking forward to figuring out which part of California will be our next stop.

As for me, when I’m not editing James’ essays, tending to the kids or mopping the floors, I’m dreaming about Annalise’s quilt. I’m so excited to have finally started this project for her. That makes me an honorary granny long before my time, doesn’t it? I completed Tommy’s right before Christmas and it really was a fun endeavor. There were never enough hours in the day for me to work on it…if only the house would clean itself! I put together a design for our little lady’s quilt last week, shopped for fabrics (love this local boutique) over the weekend and this week I hope to get started on cutting the pieces (which is my least favorite part). In other news, my dad was very sick upon his return home from his Christmas visit with us. It was really hard to be so far away while he was ill, but he’s on his way to healthy now. Thanks for all the prayers.

Now onto the kiddos (the real reason you check this page!). Tommy started at a new school earlier this month, Faith Lutheran Preschool. It is much closer to our house (3 miles and no traffic instead of 10 miles and a million stoplights), and he’s fitting right in like he’s been part of the class all year. The program is much more tolerant of his wiggly nature and we love that it is a faith-based program. It’s like he’s going to Sunday School every day! Instead of three 6-hour days per week he now attends for three hours each morning. It’s shaping into a nice routine and he is genuinely happy with the change. He’s still obsessed with planes, mac & cheese and a new fave, WordGirl. We anxiously await his 4th birthday…they magically become obedient and pleasant at age 4, right?

Annalise is still grins and giggles 90% of the time. She’s been dealing with a rough bout of teething this month…#11, #12, #13, #14, #15 and #16 have made their appearance since Christmas (those numbers don’t correspond to a teething chart, all you dentists, just calling them out chronologically). It’s been a misery for our poor girl (her only relief is a splash of Tylenol and teething tablets), but now all she has left are her two-year-old molars. She’s pretty much running at this point, gleefully chasing Tommy from room to room. We need to invest in some climbing gear for her (think carabiners), as her newest hobby is scaling the couch like a nimble ninja. She loves to climb up there with her brother, notably standing on the end tumbling distance to the tile/head injury. And she grins. The sense of pride that beams from her face is absolutely amazing. She’s picking up a new word here and there, too. Lately she’s been focused on “D,” such as doggie, duckie, daddy. Oh, and she’s very good at “No” while shaking her head. I think Tommy had more words by this point, but this girl is too busy laughing at her brother’s antics to worry about what to say.

That’s 2009 for the Wedewers thus far. I’ll work on posting some recent pictures in the not-too-distant future, and I’ll try to do so thoughtfully. The picture purges are a great way to get it done quickly, but not the best way to document our family history, which is the primary purpose of this site. Making a note to add “historian” to my list of hats. Nighty night!

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Sledding Fun

Tommy, Marshall & Roman took us up to Mt. Charleston for some sledding fun December 30. It wasn’t too cold, the boys had a great time and overall it was a lot of fun. Here are some photo highlights.

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Winter Program

Tommy’s school put on the cutest Winter Program before the holidays. They sung a half dozen songs and were just the cutest, sweetest group of children I’ve ever seen. Three cheers to the teachers for corraling several dozen 3-year-olds for the event.

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Christmas 2008

What an amazing holiday…and how quickly it went by! Tommy really “got it” this year, and Annalise enjoyed joining him in all his revelry. Once again, I’m feeling very lazy, so my update will be mostly pictures. Hey family members, if you have more pictures from the holiday please send them my way…I was too busy in the kitchen to snap very many photos. I know there are more out there! Enjoy…and have a blessed 2009!

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Picture Purge!

Between weather, sick kids and plain ol’ laziness I have not left my house in five days. Some find creativity in their cabin fever…not me. My brain is shutting down! So, instead of attempting clever anecdotes, I’ll just leave you with the following gallery of pics to enjoy. More exciting Wedewer updates when the snow melts, the appetites return and I put on something besides yoga pants.

You come here for the pictures, not the prose…

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Tommy’s new favorite movie is “Alvin and The Chipmunks.” Thank goodness I have a high tolerance for Chipmunk music…he’s asked to watch it nearly every day since mid-November.

This is the scene that makes him giggle like crazy: Chipmunks sing Funky Town. And he LOVES to say the phrase “mama-seesaw,” which mimicks Alvin’s G-rated homage to Die Hard…”yippee-ki-yay…mamacita!”

And how lucky are we? A second chipmunks movie has just been announced this week: “Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakuel“.

OMG. You know you’ve been stuck inside the house too long when you write a post about the Chipmunks. Please forgive me, readers.

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